Kids All Natural & Clean Bubble Bath

After a day of outdoor play, the best way to get clean and relax is in a warm bath (or shower!). Need a bath time product that cleans and soothes while making your kids' smell fresh? Try our Kidlife Bath Time All-in-One Wash! Offered in both gender neutral unscented or citrus-scented formulas, our Bath Time Wash bubbles even in hard water and is made from all-natural ingredients.


After a few uses, your family will be able to see the difference of using our gentle bath wash compared to other products. Try our Kidlife Bath Time Wash today and discover the joy of using clean skincare products. We are working on a new formula so buy some of our current All-In-One Wash before it goes away! Our citrus scent will be available for a limited time as we will be moving towards an unscented wash in the future.


Try Kidlife today! Your kids will love it just as much as ours!


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