International Day of Happiness!

If you're happy and you know it...clap your hands!!

Today is International Day of Happiness! It's a day to smile and spread joy to all those around you. Started by the United Nations in 2012, today is about checking in with yourself, your overall well-being, and your happiness. It’s about checking in with those you love and their happiness too.

Need some ideas for celebrating? Try some of these out to get yourself and others smiling.

- Get social. Say "yes" to grabbing coffee with a friend, going out to lunch with someone, or playing with your kids at the park. Let your kids say "yes" to a playdate with a friend.

- Write a list. Jot down all the things that make you happy whether person, place, or thing! Nothing is off limits and try to incorporate one into your everyday life.

- Dance like no one is watching. Turn on a family favorite song and get you and your kids up and grooving. Silliness and laughter are highly encouraged!

- Send a happiness package. Know someone who needs cheering up? Want to surprise someone you've been thinking about? Send them a little gift in the mail with a note that tells them why they make you happy. Need a gift idea? Why not send some of your favorite Kidlife products!

- Laugh. Have your kids tell you a story or a joke that they heard today. Try to have a "knock knock" joke contest to see who can come up with the silliest one.

- Spread joy. At the dinner table tonight, in addition to asking your kids about their day, talk about what moment(s) brought them true joy and happiness. Or go around the table and say one thing about each other that makes you happy.

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Tell us! How are you getting happy today?!

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