We help parents maintain a healthy daily care regime for their kids while striving for excellent quality & effectiveness.

We love making kids’ everyday essentials simple and fun while striving for excellent quality and effectiveness. We want to see your kids grow up healthy, energetic, and strong. Our enriched vitamins, all-natural Skin and Body care line, and a multitude of our wonderful simple ingredient products are a great start in helping them achieve overall wellness. Start today in activating and sustaining your child’s precious health with our rich and delicious vegetarian multivitamins that are power-packed with Vitamins A, C, D, and B6, followed by our 3 in 1 Sulfate and Paraben Free Body Wash, Bubble Bath, and Shampoo that provides soothing relief to dry skin and eczema accompanied with our chemical-free odor eliminating deodorant.  Our brand’s mission is to diligently work and continuously provide children with safe, fun, and quality essentials that are easily accessible. We want our products to be a staple in your child’s completely secure and healthy daily care regimen starting today!

Created and Design with Love by a Mom-
With Covid-19 pushing everyone indoors and altering work schedules, we turned our hobby into a passion and a business! Because our family suffers from allergies and sensitive skin, we were always experimenting with natural ingredients already found in our kitchen.  
We started making deodorant and lip balms in our kitchen for our oldest daughter, who was 6 at the time. 
What started out as kitchen-made products have turned into working with major U.S. labs, which now manufacture our new Kidlife Skincare and Wellness product line. Today, you can find our products at easily accessible places like Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, and many other e-commerce sites.