Go All Natural! Why Natural Deodorant is a Must Have For Your Kiddos

Are you starting to notice an all-too-familiar odor escaping from your kiddo’s arm pits? The founders of KJ3 Essentials did! Children grow up quickly, so it is essential to keep them smelling as fresh as a daisy, without exposing them to harmful and unnecessary chemicals. Alas, our KIDLIFE Arms Up All Natural Deodorant was born. 

With Covid-19 pushing everyone indoors, and altering work schedules, a family turned their hobby into a passion-and a business! Because the family suffers from allergies and sensitive skin, the founder/mom was always experimenting with natural ingredients already found in her kitchen. With a goal of designing healthy and safe items for the body and skin; the mom hopped on the phone and began working with leading natural care manufacturers and supplement companies to create not just deodorant, but other everyday kids essentials as such as body wash, vitamins and beyond!

What started out as kitchen made products has turned into working with major U.S. labs which now manufacture their new Kidlife Bath & Body Skincare and Wellness product line. Today, you can find this highly coveted deodorant at easily accessible places such as Amazon, Walmart MarketPlace, and many other e-commerce sites.

What is the Difference Between Antiperspirants and Deodorants?

KJ3 Essentials notice and believe that sweat is a good thing. It means your body is doing what it needs and is meant to do. Antiperspirants mainly work to make your body stop sweating and may contain aluminum and other harmful ingredients. 

Deodorants, on the other hand, help mask odors and reduce organisms that cause odors. However, many other deodorants may include parabens, that can be linked to cancer. The founders of KJ3 Essentials are happy to offer you and your child a better, safer, and all natural alternative as they grow up and start healthy habits.

Why Should You Consider Giving All Natural Deodorant a Try?

  • It’s not just for kids! Adults can use it too
  • Safe and simple, natural ingredients
  • High quality and Ultra-Effective
  • Pleasing scent
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Perfect for on-set of puberty

This be-healthy brand wants the best for not just their kids, but your kids as well. Afterall, all children should be able to grow up healthy, stay energetic, become strong; and KJ3 Essentials’ enriched vitamins and all-natural skin and body care line will help them achieve all of their milestones. Quit chemicals and go all natural today.