National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

May 11th is a very important day this's National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day. Falling on the Thursday during the first full week of May, today is all about checking in with our kiddos. With pressures in school, natural kid insecurities, craziness of social media, and much more, our kids' mental health is more important than ever. While it may not come easy to have potentially tough conversations with our kids about mental health, we highly encourage all parents to check in with their kids.


Need some ideas to promote positive mental health? Try some of these:

- encourage good sleep habits

- teach healthy stress management

- share all feelings from big to small

- play with your kids

- hug your kids

- encourage journaling

- teach kids deep breathing

- be silly and giggle

- encourage kids to do what they love

- do a daily/weekly check-in

- encourage a self-care routine (like a nighttime bath with their favorite Kidlife bath products!)


We love to see our kids smile. Let's help them find the ways to be happy and promote positive mental health.


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